Yamaha MD-BT01 Bluetooth MIDI Connection Tips | Test | Review

In this video; we are going to try Yamaha Wireless MIDI Adaptor.
It is very nice, very high end device, very stable.
But at the beginning I had some frustration, I couldn’t connect, I couldn’t understand why I had these problems.
This is why I made this video to explain some tips and tricks. I hope it can be helpful.

First we connect the MIDI Adaptor to the MIDI device.
I am using Access Virus TI.
As you see there is a small arrow that shows the “MIDI IN” to device.
The arrow shows the cable as “MIDI OUT”.
As soon as I plug the “MIDI OUT”, device is turning on because it takes the energy from “MIDI OUTPUT”.
Now it is ready, hardware is on.

Second step is connecting the the device, with Bluetooth.
I run system settings, I go into Bluetooth section.
Everything looks normal but we can’t connect to the Yamaha Bluetooth Adaptor, in this menu, at this time, because Yamaha is using different Bluetooth communication protocol.
So we quit this page like that and we switch to the Yamaha utility application.
We will see immediately our devices name, I gave Yamaha1, you can give different name, and rename also.
Each time you select and turn back to the list, connection is renewing, you will see a Bluetooth Icon is blinking.
And then, Switch to the Bluetooth section quickly. Wait a while because the first time when you see Yamaha1 in “MY DEVICES” list it is not correct, it’s not real connection. When you see in “OTHER DEVICES” list, press on, select it, and then it moves into “MY DEVICES” list.
And then in, 4-5 seconds it is connecting, permanently, and stable. Now connection is done.

Connection tool is necessary for keeping the connection alive, leave it in background mode, don’t close it.
We can close the settings now.
If we want to test connection we can use MIDI Check, which is very easy to use for midi device connection.
When we go to “Connections” tab, we will see the available connections MD-BT01 is there.
We can use virtual keyboard and send some notes. Also we can test incoming message from Yamaha Bluetooth. If I press on Access Virus TI, to send some notes randomly,
this is modulation wheel, this is pitch wheel.
Anyway I don’t want to get into the details, connection is done, latency is not remarkable.
I would definitely give 5 stars for this product.

Thank you for watching, see you next time.