Re-produce “With Or Without You” by U2 with Reason 9 – From Studio To Stage (1/3)

How to PRODUCE • U2 – “With Or Without You” with 4 notes with some Reason 9 facilities!
Today we will prepare some audio backing tracks very similar to U2’s famous song “With or Without You” by using 4 notes thanks to Reason 9’s “Dual Arpeggio”

Of course we won’t re-produce the guitars on Reason but just drums and bass.

And then we’ll make an electro-rock cover version of the song, Dubstep version.

I don’t want to reproduce this Dubstep version of the song for DJ-ing.

I want to use this track as a backing track to improvise on with guitar, for making some electronic rock-mix song.

And later on I am going to show, how to use these sounds, on stage, in real life situation, out of the studio.

I start with new project.
I use “NN-XT Advanced Sampler” for acoustic “Finger Bass”

After repeating the bars four times, I set the notes as A, E, F# and D.

For making this bass rhythmic, I add “Dual-Arpeggiator” from “Players” menu.
Now we should set the steps to 16 and the velocity; one high, two low, like 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2. that the bass became rhythmic.

I finish this part by adding the drum. For kick; I am using 1,5, 9 and 13. For snare; 5 and 13. I also add some tom sounds.

After that we will have very similar result to original sound.
I am actually playing the original project that I prepared earlier, because showing all the fine tunings which makes this sound professional, is taking too much time for a tutorial, but you can download the original project via this link.
In the next tutorial we will prepare this song for live performance.
We are going to slice with main parts, export and import into Stage Looper as a backing track.

See you in the next tutorial.