Propellerhead’s “Reason Stage” + “Reason 10” Concept

I’m super excited to present this Reason concept for using Reason on the stage for live performing.

It is composed of 2 main parts: “Reason Stage” app. and “Reason 10” concept app.

“Reason Stage” is a lightweight application made for selecting, playing and looping Reason projects with handsfree, foot controller. (I’ve illustrate in the video)

It’s ideal for solo artists; who are looking for an accompany to their instrument, without being busy with a computer on the stage.

In order to use Reason Stage in live situation, in efficient  way;  we need the ability to control important song parts length, like; intro, solo and chorus.

So we have to define these loopable parts on My “Reason 10 Concept” (illustration).

By defining these loopable areas; we’ll have the ability to repeat these part of song longer than originally defined in the sequencer.  Like repeating chorus a few more times.

This is useful for performers; when improvisation strikes to take deviations on a live stage setting; like repeating chorus a few more times.

As soon as the song has been selected in Reason Stage app.; the first defined loop area starts playing in loop mode.

The Performer can now start to play any time.

The song part name in red colour shows that we’re in loop mode (look illustration video). When we press on “Continue” switch it will turn to green and the song returns to original flow.

The song part name in green colour; shows that here is a optional loop able area; if we want to do longer we can press on loop switch, (this is optional loop able song part);  if we do nothing song will continue its normal flow. The rest of the song will function in this way for every pre defined loopable area.

When the song finished; “Reason Stage” will load the next song and wait for the musician to press “Continue” switch.

In this quick overview of my proposal: “Reason Stage” and “Reason 10” Concept (just illustration video NOT developed);

I’ve pointed 2 main important issues;

First; loading a song without using mouse/keyboard. (“Reason Stage” app.)

Second; playing a song without sequencer restrictions to make for enjoyable live performance.

I’d like to explain more about this concept and possibilities in finer detail in future videos. But for the purposes of this video; I am just proposing a quick overview of the project.

If you like this concept please join the discussion.

When we share ideas; they get one step closer to being realised.

So please share and like;

If you think this proposal is, worthwhile making for upcoming Reason 10.