Prepare Song Backing Track For Live Performance with STAGE LOOPER And Reason 9 – From Studio To Stage (2/3)

From Studio To Stage (2/3)
Main topics:
How to PREPARE a song for live performing with backing track.
How to transfer backing tracks to Stage Looper iOS application for improvising.
How to slice main parts of the song.
In this example I’ve used U2 – “With Or Without You” as an example.

In the previous tutorial we’ve created a Reason project to produce some backing tracks similar to U2’s With Or Without You.

Download Reason 9 example project file is here

Now, we will prepare this song for computer FREE live performance.
You may think that this project is not complete yet but, as long as we have the main parts of the song, we are done with Reason.

We will structure the song in Stage Looper for making the song loopable anytime, portable anywhere.

we start by exporting song parts, slice by slice.

If we give the role name like chorus, solo, intro in the file name with underscore; in Stage Looper, we can create the necessary patterns automatically. It can be a prefix or suffix.

e.g. intro_song name.wav, song name_solo.aif etc.

Audio format can be Apple .aiff, .caf or PCM wave .wav format with 44k, 16 bits is enough for this purpose.

So we export different parts of the song.

We create a new song in the song library.
Importing audio samples.
Wi-Fi transfer which is the fastest method, for this you don’t need internet connection but your computer and phone should be on the same network. (same router)

To access the Stage Looper’s built in file transfer server we can use any web browser( safari, chrome), here I use Google Chrome. I write my phone’s network name or IP address given on the phone screen.

I drag and drop all files anywhere in the browser.
We transfer uncompressed audio files but Stage Looper is converting them into m4a, to save memory space and audio quality.

After the transfer we can create the patterns automatically, because we have defined song part roles in the file names as prefix and suffix. like chorus_xx.wav

We’ll see that all patterns are created with correct role name.
We can reorder the patterns and also create a new or duplicate existing one.
We can use the same sample again and again in many different patterns.

Anyway the main idea is using our favourite studio application in the studio. e.g.(Ableton Live, Reason, Fruity Loops, Protools, Logic Pro X any DAW) And performing our creation on the stage without any compromise.

What we’ve created in Reason (or any DAW) is on our iPhone and ready for live performing.
Computer free, mouse free and hand free.
In the next video (part3) we will see everything in practice.