KORG Gadget Live Performance “Night Driver” (rework of original song)

This video is demonstrating Korg Gadget live playing (after patterns being created) tweaking, changing filters and effects.

The original song is already released in my first album “I Know You Well” I did this work to discover functionality and sound quality of Korg Gadget. I’m pretty surprised by the sound quality and analog synth feeling. But really don’t like working on touch screen. I made this on my iPhone 5, I wanted to see the mobile/portable music making possibilities. Yes, sound is great but without any hardware controller; I don’t think that I would start an any other music project on the (any) music apps. To create this song I used my USB-MIDI keyboard connected to the computer and redirected the MIDI signals with Ableton Live to Bluetooth of computer. Latency was lot so I recorded in ableton live with a temporary instrument then I let it play in Ableton with time correction to record on Gadget. Big job done 🙂

Original track is available on Spotify

In the original version, I used many sound of KORG Legacy Collection Analog Edition. I’m quite fan of Korg sound! 🙂