Hypnotic Sine Sound

Do you want to know more about this hypnotic sound?
What the sine wave is? Why only sine wave used?

Read while you’re listening…
Or, just listen and feel the effect on you.


Sine wave is the softest wave sound shape for hearing,
But beyond that; sine wave is a very special natural shape.

We can see the sine shape; in atom, in planets’ orbits,
in solar system, space, universe…

As we’re part of this universe;
How can our body, soul react to this sound?

With this curiosity; this sound has been made.
My firs reaction was like I wanted to refuse to hear.

As a person refuse to hear a reality about him/her self.
My first impression I had, was like;

My soul was meeting its reference point.
And I was scary to meet this reality.

As all daily occupation make us spare from our soul.
Stress, anxieties take us far

From where we were in peace original.
So this sound kind of reminder and making a soft reset

A soft reset to your soul, mind set and relief the body.

If you are in stress in daily bases rush;
You can’t listen this and relief because you’re busy.

Take your time for your self, lie down and,
Find your soul back by listening this sound.

By listening the sound you’ll not lose your concis,
You’ll not be hypnotised completely but in control of your thoughts.

Also this sound can make you sleepy,
This is not because sound stimulate the sleep;

But relief will make you feel in this way.
If you enjoy relieving your body and soul;

Sleep can be a natural consequence.

In the sound you hear some sinus oscillators used,
for creating some vibration in musical harmony

And also in mathematic logic.

Personally I composed this and listen every night.
If it’s good for my soul state why not for yours?
I hope you enjoy and feel better.
Share if you enjoyed and was helpful
Next time just close your eyes and listen, enjoy…